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About Us

Where we started...

Upon launching our products in September of 2012, we began by knocking on the doors of restaurants in Indiana, Illinois, and Southwest Michigan.  We have partnered with many wonderful chefs and their teams.  We enjoy receiving validation from these professionals that recognize our exquisite flavor characteristics and quality.  These creative masters pair and utilize our varietals beyond our expectations. It is truly an honor to call them friends.

Where are we now...

After gaining momentum in food service, we launched our retail products in July of 2014.  Our retail partners, distributors, and brokers are on the forefront of the mission to get rid of fraudulent olive oils. Together, we promote education so consumers are not duped at the store level.  Premium Extra Virgin olive oils are like wine or craft beer, they have beautiful flavor characteristics that pair differently with other ingredients.  Let us help you understand quality and taste, the health benefits, and that olive oil is not just a cooking oil! 


Our Company

We might produce premium Greek food products, but our philosophy is a necessary part of developing our company, products, and brand.  We will strive to maintain our focus, and this is how we do it:

Core Ideology

  • Unequivocal product excellence
  • Highest standards of quality and integrity
  • Support a healthy lifestyle


  • Offer affordable premium food products
  • Promote health, wellness, and fitness 
  • Package with innovation​

​Envisioned Future

  • Produce additional Greek products